Grey Knights strike cruiser proxy

Today I just finished my Grey Knights strike cruiser. For the model I used Firestorm Armada’s Zenian League Rense System Navy (RSN) Phoenix Class Destroyer.

For the basecoat I used Citadels Chaos Black, then Vallejos Gunmetal Metal. Then I inked the whole miniature with Badab Black, let it dry and afterwards drybrushed everything with Vallejo Game Color Silver.

The details are painted with Shining Gold, Golden Yellow, Scarlett Red and highlighted with brightened up versions of the same colours. Then I added some Games Workshop’s decals using Vallejos Decal Medium to cover and soften the borders of the decals so you won’t see them. Some lines and dots of white colour were put on the highest lying edges of the hull to strengthen the shining impression of the metal body.

GK strike cruiser 5 GK strike cruiser 4 GK strike cruiser 3 GK strike cruiser 2 GK strike cruiser 1

Mentors Legion Space Marines

Towards the end of November 2013 I finished my first ~260 Points of Mentors Legion Space Marines. I just like the background / fluff behind this Space Marine chapter. And the colours. ;)


The short army list is as follows:

***************  1 Troops ***************
Tactical Squad
10 Space Marines, Plasma gun, Plasma cannon
+ Upgrade to Sergeant, bolt pistol, chainsword, Melta bombs  -> 5 Points
– – – > 175 Points

***************  1 Fast Attack ***************
1 Landspeeder, 1 x Multi-melta, 1 x Typhoon missle launcher
– – – > 85 Points

Total Space Marines : 260 Points