BFG+ Slaugth Amaranthine Syndicate V0.6

Though I am a bit slower than expected (due to other projects), here is the first playable version of the Battlefleet Gothic Slaugth fleet list:


It is intended to be played with the 2010 FAQ / rules update.

Now let there be heavy playtesting to balance all the rules / ships and their point costs. Have fun!

BFG+ Amaranthine Syndicate V0.4

I’ve been working on the Amaranthine Syndicate / Slaugth faction fleet list for Battlefleet Gothic in the past few days and although heavy deleting and rewriting is going on at the moment I wanted to show what I’ve been working on recently.


This version is far from done and even not playable yet but maybe you already want to take a look to see where this is going.
The ship weapon stats are not final, also the point costs are not adjusted properly. There are some descriptions wrong and/or missing and I’m not yet happy with the critical hit table of the new “Necrotic Beams”. Also I find it very hard to write new ship types.

My plan is to release a playable Version 0.5 soon and then extensively playtest and refine the fleet list. Also I am working on minature models for the Slaugth faction. They hopefully will be ready for ‘mass production’ once we hit version 1.0.

Comments, ideas and helpful suggestions are very welcome!

BFG plus

I always thought that the very well written Warhammer 40k background setting offered more possibilities for game design than just the well-selling major races, which Games Workshop supports with rulebooks and miniatures.

And the same applies to Battlefleet Gothic. Here we also just have the major factions – except the Adeptus Mechanicum, which I have very much welcomed.

But what about the other very inspiring ‘minor’ races/factions? Hrud? Slann? Kroot, Slaugth, Rak’Gol, Diasporex? Just to name a few..

bfgboxplus2So I decided to write a ruleset for them, starting with the dangerous and morbid Slaugth! If I like it and if it’s well accepted I will continue with more minor races. After some playtesting those rules will be available for download as “BFGplus”. Stay tuned!