Miniature casting

As you can see I have now my own tin casting moulds for miniature spaceships.

And more are on the way once I made new master models. I create them with a mix of modeling clay, plasticard and old parts of computer circuit boards. Then they will be formed with 2-component heat resistant silicone. Once everything is done and dried I use an alloy of 84% tin 4,5% antimony 9,5% lead and 2% copper for the individual models by melting it and casting the different miniatures.

If you want to get some too, no problem at all. I casted more than I need so I included a Paypal shopping cart connected to those ships. At the moment I only want to deliver to germany, via DHL “Maxibrief” which leads us to 2,40 EUR shipping charges.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGeneric cruiser, 84% tin, ~50mm, 3,50 EUR

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Generic cargo ship, 84% tin, ~50mm, 3,50 EUR