Brigade Models Miniatures

I just discovered another spaceship minature manufacturer: Brigade Models. They provide the miniatures for Starmada X.

They are located in Kent, England, so postage inside EU should be okay if you order a reasonable amount of miniatures.
The scale is something between large scale (Firestorm Armada, Battlefleet Gothic..) and fleetscale (Star Blazers). The ships are all cast in pewter.

SFSP-101The style of the different fleets differ a lot. I like the design of some single ships, others I really dislike, but just take a look by yourself.
The great thing is: They offer a large amount of small fighter models and provide a fighter stand for 3 fighters each.

SFS-7001There also seem to be other spaceship ranges called “Squadron Commander” (wrong scale, just large fighters) and “Iron Stars” (ugly minatures) which are not really worth a look.