my name is Patrick. I am a tabletop wargamer. Surely you already have heard of sci-fi tabletop games like Games Workshops’ Warhammer 40k or Corvus Belli’s Infinity.

And there are also tabletop games that deal with tactical spaceship combat. Noteable games are the old Battlefleet Gothic, which plays in the Warhammer 40k setting, the ‘newcomer’ Firestorm Armada and the always present Full Thrust.

It took me now over 10 years of tabletop gaming to find out that tactical spaceship combat is exactly the niche I like the most.

So the main and long-term plans of this website / blog is to gather enough information, inspiration and knowledge to be able to write my own sci-fi fleetscale tactical miniature game – just the way I like to play.

Until then there will be reviews of present tabletop games, miniatures and rules. Also you will find battle reports and additional rules and supplements for present systems written by me. Have fun!

contact: telur@frostshock.info

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