Campaign round #2

Our Tyranid player changed his mind and switched over to a Adeptus Mechanicum fleet list, also our Imperial Navy player took control over a Inquisition fleet. So the active fleets in the subsector Orar are as follows:

– Chaos fleet / Alpha Legion
– Adeptus Mechanicum
– Inquisition

The Tyranid Hive Fleet seems to have left the sector after it has absorbed the world Skargul. Since then no contact was reported with these creatures again. Currently it is uncertain whether the swarm observes or waits to embrace the whole sub-sector before it attacks.

This and other more confidential reasons has launched the Adeptus Mechanicum on the plan. The Mechanicum has taken the now dead mining planet Skargul back into operation and led it to new efficiency.

The Alpha Legion has expanded its sphere of influence to the hive world Orar after a battle with the Mechanicum.

First reports the Imperial Navy would have taken D’ Gruppa into control proved partially correct. In reality it is a fleet of the Holy Inquisition. Their Motivations and which Ordo exactly is active are unknown due to strict secrecy. Ordo Xenos is suspected due to the obvious Tyranid menace. But the Ordo Malleus also is not unlikely, especially since the Alpha Legion has expanded its sphere of influence in the sub-sector.

Once again, Lord Bale set out for the Orar system, with the same fleet specification involved the Tyranid skirmish before. The navigators warned of further solar storms and interference, but the patience of the Lord already was far overstretched. So he ordered the first two escorts of the purgators Purgators to advance.

After the Purgators reported energy signatures of imperial escorts, Lord Bale ordered a intervention of the whole fleet; regardless of the risks posed by solar flares and electromagnetic interference. Gradually the Chaos cruisers fell out of the Immaterium into the real space. Nothing would delay the conquest of the system once more!

After the first exchange of fire, the imperial ships could be identified as a flotilla of the Mechanicum. Also the servants of Omnissiah warped in support ships gradually.

The beginning of the battle was in favor of chaos, especially since reinforcement entered the sector faster and had better attack vectors. So the Mechanicum escorts were taken under fire, quickly decimated and eventually destroyed. A light cruiser was sabotaged directly by seven squadrons of assault boats and was nearly incapacitated. The tech priests of Mars had nothing to oppose the disciplined and experienced legionaries of Alpharius.

But with their attacks the Alpha Legion played the Mechanicum also in their hands: A freighter disguised as a light cruiser was also taken under fire by chaos troops. However, this corresponded entirely to the intention of the Mechanicum, because this ship was intended only as a test object and has been equipped with new technology and sensor phalanxes. Data and records gained by the attack were of some value for further research and developments.

After the first threats were out of the way, the three capital ships of chaos, the Yamato, the Doombringer and the Killfrenzy pushed further towards the flagship of the Mechanicum – a venerable Dominator cruiser which tried to keep the Chaos fleet at bay  with its destructive Nova Cannon.

The Purgators were already gone and went up in flames through the constant barrage of the Mechanicums Nova Cannon and the ongoing interference and solar flares made ​​it hard for the Chaos cruisers to get the Dominator cruiser in favorable target vectors.

Even for fighter and bomber squadrons there was no penetration possible; the venerable Dominator ship shone by an excellent point defense network.

But the pressure by the Nova Cannon grew up and the Yamato and the Doombringer kept on toward the battleship and concentrated their firepower. The insane bridge crew of the Killfrenzy, who was already notorious for their suicidal maneuvers, chose a course through a dense asteroid field, only to get a cheap fire corridor for a full broadside for a few seconds, and thus to support the other two cruisers in their attack.

Just as the net threatened to close and the combined firepower of the Alpha Legion forced the shields of Dominator in the knees and the first hits to the hull tore Techpriests into the emptiness of space, there came in the rescue for the Mechanicum: A Tyrant class cruiser – a rare type of the cruiser class spaceship, also armed with a Nova cannon – came out of the Warp into real space, directly behind the chaos fleet.

The besieged Dominator cruiser opted for a tactical retreat. The commander had carried out a sudden change of course and then all the energy systems have been shut down so that the chaos ships no longer could discover the ship by its energy emissions. Thus, the ship drifted unseen out of the area and left the fighting to the newly arrived Tyrant cruiser and its superior tactical position.

A solar flare captured the chaos cruisers on the rear and briefly tore the shields. Just then the first Nova cannon hits detonated on the Yamato. The bridge was mercilessly torn away from the flagship, all officers and Lord Bale with it. A second direct hit caught the Doombringer. Also without the protection of their shields, the ship was severely damaged by the Nova cannon and further explosions of secondary generators. The dull hammering of detonations, the loss of the command crew and the inability to oppose the range of the Nova cannon fire prompted the now surprisingly fast and badly damaged units to initiate a tactical retreat, too. Enough damage was done, the Mechanicum forces now had no longer enough capacity to attempt a landing on the hive world. Thus, the Chaos fleet withdrew too, in the direction of the inhabited planets of the sun from Orar.

[ … ]

Hastily emitted rescue boats searched for surviving officers of the primary bridge after the battle. Against all hopes a Chaos Space Marine was found drifting in space, badly injured: Lord Bale himself . Miraculously, he had survived his severe injuries caused by the explosion on the Yamato thanks to the dark gods. Even if his recovery would take some time, faster recovery and disturbing morphological transformations could not deny the impression father Nurgle himself has donated his blessing ..


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