Campaign round #1

Some friends and me decided to start a Battlefleet Gothic campaign using the rules in the core rulebook. We are using the sector map Sub-Sector 201/23/GS/S – ‘Orar’ and the following fleets:

- Chaos fleet / Alpha Legion
– Tyranid Hive Fleet
– Imperial Navy

Upon entry into the sector each fleet has taken over the control of a mining world. Tyranids absorbed the world Skargul, Chaos stormed the world Corain and the Imperial Navy built fortresses on D’Gruppa.

Here is a battle report of our first match (although its outcome didn’t have had an effect in the campaign because we had to do a break in the middle of the match):

A first fleet encounter between the Alpha Legion and a Tyranid swam took place in the primary biosphere of the Orar system.

There was a brief exchange of blows in which the fleets tested their strengths. However, the time window was very small because of an approaching solar flare there were too few opportunities and attack vectors.

Lord Bale, who personally appeared at that skirmish, commanded the fleet – consisting of the Doombringer, the Killfrenzy, 2 escort frigates from the squadron Purgators and the flagship Yamato – in a offensive favorable position and let the entire task force open focused fire on the mothership of the Tyranids.

Under the storm of impacting lances and weapons batteries at least five hits were reported, of which however only one damage the swarm mothership. Also, only a single escort ship went up in flames in this massive attack .

Revenge of the Tyranids consisted of swarms of assault boats that threatened to bring their deadly cargo to the Yamato. The fighter squadrons of the Alpha Legion – already overwhelmed with the defense against smaller Tyranid ships – were not able to intercept this menace. Shortly before the strike the flagship Yamato managed to avoid this fate by concentrating fire from their defensive towers.

Right after this encounter the approaching solar flare endangered both fleets, so all ships turned away and left the area.


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