BFG plus

I always thought that the very well written Warhammer 40k background setting offered more possibilities for game design than just the well-selling major races, which Games Workshop supports with rulebooks and miniatures.

And the same applies to Battlefleet Gothic. Here we also just have the major factions – except the Adeptus Mechanicum, which I have very much welcomed.

But what about the other very inspiring ‘minor’ races/factions? Hrud? Slann? Kroot, Slaugth, Rak’Gol, Diasporex? Just to name a few..

bfgboxplus2So I decided to write a ruleset for them, starting with the dangerous and morbid Slaugth! If I like it and if it’s well accepted I will continue with more minor races. After some playtesting those rules will be available for download as “BFGplus”. Stay tuned!

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