BFG+ Slaugth Amaranthine Syndicate V0.6

Though I am a bit slower than expected (due to other projects), here is the first playable version of the Battlefleet Gothic Slaugth fleet list:


It is intended to be played with the 2010 FAQ / rules update.

Now let there be heavy playtesting to balance all the rules / ships and their point costs. Have fun!

Grey Knights strike cruiser proxy

Today I just finished my Grey Knights strike cruiser. For the model I used Firestorm Armada’s Zenian League Rense System Navy (RSN) Phoenix Class Destroyer.

For the basecoat I used Citadels Chaos Black, then Vallejos Gunmetal Metal. Then I inked the whole miniature with Badab Black, let it dry and afterwards drybrushed everything with Vallejo Game Color Silver.

The details are painted with Shining Gold, Golden Yellow, Scarlett Red and highlighted with brightened up versions of the same colours. Then I added some Games Workshop’s decals using Vallejos Decal Medium to cover and soften the borders of the decals so you won’t see them. Some lines and dots of white colour were put on the highest lying edges of the hull to strengthen the shining impression of the metal body.

GK strike cruiser 5 GK strike cruiser 4 GK strike cruiser 3 GK strike cruiser 2 GK strike cruiser 1

Homeworld Miniatures

On this website you can buy Homeworld Miniatures. They are in the style of the Hiigaran faction, casted in resin or plastic (I can not find information on the material). Though the miniatures are designed for the game “A Call To Arms” (ACTA), you can also use them for every o ther game in the same scale. The costs are appropriate in my opinion.

CIMG7576hiigaran heavy cruiser with fleetIf you don’t know Homeworld – shame on you! Homeworld was the first fully three-dimensional real time strategy game (RTS) released in 1999. Homeworld was given high marks by most of the gaming community and earned a lot of awards, for example IGNs “Game of the Year” award and the game is still considered to be one of the best of it’s kind.

Homeworld was the beginning of a series, followed by an addon in the year 2000 and Homeworld 2 in 2003.

Introducing the factions

Here is a brief introduction of two of the factions participating in our Battlefleet Gothic campaign. But let them speak for themselves:

1505319_10152229580169415_1526078261_nThe Inquisition fleet at D’Gruppa has now been identified as “the cleaning”, the personal fleet of Lord Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz, who currently is on a crusade to the Orar sub-sector to reincorporate the blackstone fortresses back into the Empire.

His flagship, the “bark of truth,” was seen along with a cruiser of the Grey Knights. About the rest of the fleet there is still known nothing.

400590_10203127282801913_946474277_nFormerly Fabricator General Typherius Xran was taken into custody under suspicion of tech heresy in carrying out various experiments prohibited by the Crimson Guard and was sent to Mars for further questioning. The command of the Adeptus Mechanicus command is now taken over by Magos Karastas Zel’noras, Celerius Tribuni and commander of the Crimson Guard. He personally supervised the repair of the former flagship Xrans, Ark of Clarity. His old flagship Wrath of the Mechanicum, a strong modified cruiser, formerly of Imperial Navy ranks joined the fleet to punish his enemies for their crimes.

Brigade Models Miniatures

I just discovered another spaceship minature manufacturer: Brigade Models. They provide the miniatures for Starmada X.

They are located in Kent, England, so postage inside EU should be okay if you order a reasonable amount of miniatures.
The scale is something between large scale (Firestorm Armada, Battlefleet Gothic..) and fleetscale (Star Blazers). The ships are all cast in pewter.

SFSP-101The style of the different fleets differ a lot. I like the design of some single ships, others I really dislike, but just take a look by yourself.
The great thing is: They offer a large amount of small fighter models and provide a fighter stand for 3 fighters each.

SFS-7001There also seem to be other spaceship ranges called “Squadron Commander” (wrong scale, just large fighters) and “Iron Stars” (ugly minatures) which are not really worth a look.

Firestorm Armada February Release

In Spartan Games’ February 2014 Release there will be new battlecruisers for every faction (scroll down). Just two more weeks of waiting.

Though I think Firestorm Armada’s spaceships are a bit too large for my taste, they again look awesome – and can again be used as proxy models for Games Workshops’ Battlefleet Gothic. Especially the Marshal class battlecruiser (Terran Alliance) and the Hasta class battlecruiser (Sorylian Collective) have a great look in my opinion.


Miniature casting

As you can see I have now my own tin casting moulds for miniature spaceships.

And more are on the way once I made new master models. I create them with a mix of modeling clay, plasticard and old parts of computer circuit boards. Then they will be formed with 2-component heat resistant silicone. Once everything is done and dried I use an alloy of 84% tin 4,5% antimony 9,5% lead and 2% copper for the individual models by melting it and casting the different miniatures.

If you want to get some too, no problem at all. I casted more than I need so I included a Paypal shopping cart connected to those ships. At the moment I only want to deliver to germany, via DHL “Maxibrief” which leads us to 2,40 EUR shipping charges.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGeneric cruiser, 84% tin, ~50mm, 3,50 EUR

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Generic cargo ship, 84% tin, ~50mm, 3,50 EUR

BFG+ Amaranthine Syndicate V0.4

I’ve been working on the Amaranthine Syndicate / Slaugth faction fleet list for Battlefleet Gothic in the past few days and although heavy deleting and rewriting is going on at the moment I wanted to show what I’ve been working on recently.


This version is far from done and even not playable yet but maybe you already want to take a look to see where this is going.
The ship weapon stats are not final, also the point costs are not adjusted properly. There are some descriptions wrong and/or missing and I’m not yet happy with the critical hit table of the new “Necrotic Beams”. Also I find it very hard to write new ship types.

My plan is to release a playable Version 0.5 soon and then extensively playtest and refine the fleet list. Also I am working on minature models for the Slaugth faction. They hopefully will be ready for ‘mass production’ once we hit version 1.0.

Comments, ideas and helpful suggestions are very welcome!

Campaign round #3 + #4

The Mechanicum wanted to choose a stable alternative warp route to fly around Orar and instead to reach the system 201/23/GS/N.35/4, but was intercepted by a blockade of the Chaos fleet, which has brought the system itself under control.

The Inquisition is now owns the hive world Anvil 206. Several Mechanicum formations wanted to stop the conquest of the system by Lord Coteaz for unknown reasons, but failed due to the late arrival of reinforcements. The Mechanicum must now answer for this incident and may now answer to allegations of tech heresy. The war clouds are gathering..

Only the Tyranids were no longer seen again. Meanwhile astronavigators keep it very likely that only a smaller arm of the tyranid hive fleet has touched the sub-sector as a larger swarm passed.


Sub-sector 201/23/GS/S Orar:
– Alpha Legion, Lord Bale – 11 Renown
– Inquisition, Lord Torquemenda Coteaz – 11 Renown
– Adeptus Mechanicum, Fabricator General – 1 Renown