BFG+ Slaugth Amaranthine Syndicate V0.6

Though I am a bit slower than expected (due to other projects), here is the first playable version of the Battlefleet Gothic Slaugth fleet list:


It is intended to be played with the 2010 FAQ / rules update.

Now let there be heavy playtesting to balance all the … Continue reading

New pictures – Alpha Legion fleet

As I posted before, I am building a Battlefleet Gothic Alpha Legion fleet out of Firestorm Armada minatures. Now I revised my first three ships and added some details. Luckily my girlfriend took some new pictures and they turned out very well!

OLYMPUS  … <a class= Continue reading

Grey Knights strike cruiser proxy

Today I just finished my Grey Knights strike cruiser. For the model I used Firestorm Armada’s Zenian League Rense System Navy (RSN) Phoenix Class Destroyer.

For the basecoat I used Citadels Chaos Black, then Vallejos Gunmetal Metal. Then I inked the whole miniature with Badab Black, let it dry and … Continue reading

Homeworld Miniatures

On this website you can buy Homeworld Miniatures. They are in the style of the Hiigaran faction, casted in resin or plastic (I can not find information on the material). Though the miniatures are designed for the game “A Call To Arms” (ACTA), you can also use them … Continue reading

Introducing the factions

Here is a brief introduction of two of the factions participating in our Battlefleet Gothic campaign. But let them speak for themselves:

1505319_10152229580169415_1526078261_nThe Inquisition fleet at D’Gruppa has now been identified as “the cleaning”, the personal fleet of … Continue reading

Brigade Models Miniatures

I just discovered another spaceship minature manufacturer: Brigade Models. They provide the miniatures for Starmada X.

They are located in Kent, England, so postage inside EU should be okay if you order a reasonable amount of miniatures.
The scale is something between large scale (Firestorm … Continue reading

The main and long-term plans of this website / blog is to gather enough information, inspiration and knowledge to be able to write my own sci-fi fleetscale tactical miniature game – just the way I like to play. Until then there will be reviews of present tabletop games, miniatures and rules. Also you will find battle reports and additional rules and supplements for present systems written by me. Have fun!